Just another day


Yeah, that’s kinda how we roll. It’s not that we’re complacent, it just seems to happen all the time.

I was totally prepared to lose power and many branches, but not much came of this storm, for me anyway thankfully. (I am in the middle of the state, so by the time any wind or rain comes over, it has lost a lot of its power due to traveling over land.)

We have some wind gusts and rain, and a few branches fell on the roof overnight, but no other damage. I am SO grateful my sycamore tree is still standing and didn’t lose anymore branches. Puppies are totally bored though.

By afternoon my area should be clear. I can start putting back my tomato cages and upright my patio furniture.

Hope all is well where you are.


Quote of the day – tropical storm style

So if you haven’t heard, we are experiencing a tropical storm here. Today we get the brunt of it; I woke to lots of rain, a little thunder, and even the lights flickered around 615a today.  It kind of reminds me of this song. It’s not cold here, but it sure is rainy.

As much as I appreciate 10k maniacs – beautiful, poignant songs and lyrics, and Natalie has such a great voice – I couldn’t always understand what she was saying. And I know that most of her songs tell a story, she sings about topics that most people don’t touch, and I have to wonder if this song was really about depression. If you look at the lyrics, she sings about “Lately it seems this big bed is where I never leave”, and “For it’s such a long time since my better days, I say my prayers nightly, this will pass away”. Anyway, just my thoughts.

Enjoy your day, without a storm. Even so, this too shall pass.

Quote of the day 

My dad was a very handy guy. He taught me the names of tools and how to use them. He always used to tell me, “use the right tool for the right job.” “Work smart, not hard” which translated into “don’t make extra work for yourself”. 

I used to be really good at that, making extra work for myself. I thought if I did a lot, it meant I was busy and extra productive. People could see how productive I was and what a hard worker I was and be awe inspired and impressed. 

Pfffft, nobody was impressed and I was just making myself tired. 

Then I learned the feeling of accomplishment of doing a job right the first time. The sense of awe and wonder of being creative in a simple way. And the sense of power in the right word at the right time. 

And I have never looked back.

May you have an awe inspiring day.

Quote of the day

I try to be thankful, and grateful, for every little thing I have. I’ve even started a gratefulness log as a reminder to stop bitching and whining about having to do laundry and just be grateful that I have clean water and up-to-date paid utilities and a working washer and dryer at my house that is available to wash the damn clothes that I worked for and have money to pay for it and I didn’t have to wear the same thing for 5 days and beg for money so that I could get new clothes.

Phew! Talk about a run-on sentence.

So…that can be a few things I am thankful for today.

what about you?