Lazy Sunday  – Christmas style 

I hope whatever you are doing today, you are happy, healthy, restful, and at peace. Just like Lola.

If we were all so lucky.

Lazy Sunday

gator outside the history center

Not doing much today, enjoying the cooler weather and spent some time out and about doing some local shopping yesterday. We went shopping on Virginia Ave, then hit Ivanhoe Row for some thrifting, then dessert and tea. A fabulous day all around.

I hope you enjoy your day, even if you are getting snow.

Lazy Sunday 

Wolfie caught a fish

Either her, or her sister, brought me a rat yesterday morning. They left it at the side door, just where I almost stepped on it. If it weren’t for the dogs sniffing around the door, I wouldn’t have noticed it was there. I gave it a proper burial and we went on our way to the dog park.

Wolfie tried eating the goldfish, but she only had one and the rest fell to the floor for the dogs to eat. The dogs loved it, now it’s like a treat for them.

It has been beautiful and breezy and comfortable and sunny here; just the way we like it after sweltering all summer. I was in Ohio for Thanksgiving and it was in the 40’s most days, which really didn’t bother me. I come back to Florida and I have people asking me “and you want to go back to that?” Yes, yes I do. I can take 40 degrees; I’m tired of sweltering and sweating all the time in Florida. There is a reason that the earth goes through seasons and changes, to give ourselves a damn break from the same incessant weather all the time. We all need some down time and the solstice’s switching it up every six months does it. I could go for some down time and hibernation. I think we all could. Especially after this election.

Tensions have been running high, on all sides, emotions are raw and we don’t know what the hell to think anymore. I haven’t been posting a whole lot nor have I been saying much because I just want to go into hibernation. I can’t take anymore name calling or bickering back and forth. Nothing is getting accomplished and all we are trying to do is be right, and that doesn’t solve problems.

So until people start talking to one another  – not yelling or screaming or rolling their eyes or making faces or calling each other names or making snide, petty remarks – really start talking to one another and trying to understand each other and stop trying to be right and start to solve problems, not just bitch about them, I’m checking out. At least for awhile. Until I’ve taken enough naps to decide to get back in the game.


Lazy Sunday 

I was hanging some prayer flags on the house yesterday and came across these guys while up on the ladder. They look like they’re buddies taking a nap together, they are so cute. Kind of apropos that they are in the suns hands, holding them ever so gently and taking good care of them.

I’m so happy and proud that my yard can be a sanctuary to so many animals. Besides these frogs, my yard has “housed” armadillos, bees, birds, butterflies, my dogs, my cats, squirrels, lizards, and even a stray cat. Wildlife is still life that needs to be cared for and protected. Without it, we as humans would not survive. 

As a wise man once said, can’t we all just get along?

Lazy Sunday 

I open my eyes from my nap and this is what I see.

We are, like, so in tune with each other it’s scary.

Lazy Sunday 

Toby has been such great company and such a good therapy dog for my father in law. It’s not yet been a year since his wife died and Toby is a good distraction. They sleep together, go for car rides, to the hardware store, and play ball together in the yard. When Toby sees grandpa he gets all excited and wiggly and he jumps in his arms and gives him lots of kisses. It’s been good for him to have Toby around. Dogs are such great company.

Time for a nap with puppies.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Lazy Sunday 

I needed a box for storage and made the mistake of setting said empty box on the floor.

Needless to say I didn’t need it anymore. It found a better use.

Enjoy your day.

Lazy Sunday 

You’d think it was a lazy Sunday, but there’s nothing lazy about climbing a tree people. It’s hard work for a cute little puppy. Thankfully getting down is the easy part.

Lazy Sunday 

Lola was being very brave today and chased a squirrel up a tree. The squirrel was on the under side of the branch she is on but since she doesn’t have the claws and upside-down climbing skills that a squirrel has, she couldn’t catch him. Anna was standing guard in case the squirrel fell out of the tree. That didn’t happen either.

Now we rest.

Lazy Sunday 

I’m cat sitting for a friend of mine. I go to his condo and check on his big boy Baron. He is a sweetheart. He always seems so happy to see people. Meowing and wagging and flipping his tail, he’s so funny. He loves just hanging out on the patio and being outside. I hear ya buddy. And shoes. He has a thing for shoes. He will try to get inside my shoes and rub himself all over them. My dogs go crazy when I go home.

Lots of fur everywhere though. Kinda goes with the territory.

Lazy Sunday 

Lola was the first to head to the water today. Not too hot today, but warm enough to warrant a swim. Duke only gets his feet wet. A valiant effort on his part. I have yet to ever see him swim.