convenience, and parking!

Shopping carts graffiti May 2015

Now this parking lot conveniently has an outside toilet, and shopping carts available for use as soon as you pull up. How thoughtful!

Graffiti Gator

So you remember the Junkbots graffiti photo I took recently, right? Well, there was a fuzzy gator in the photo as well, along with a few other incidental things….

beer can, traffic cone…

and so I wanted to show off the whole photo. Well, as whole of a photo as I could get considering that I only had my camera phone with me at the time. You know what I would really like? A smart point and shoot camera with wi-fi auto download to my laptop. That would be most awesome. Anyone want to spot me a few hundred to get one? Or know where there is a contest I can win to get one? Or maybe someone just giving away such a camera to a struggling artist type like myself? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

No? Well, I’ll just keep looking.

Johnny Bravo is alive and well – in graffiti

Johnny Bravo

Do you remember Johnny Bravo? That over the top, machismo, testosterone filled, Elvis-sounding cartoon character from back in the day? Well some fine young person has made some graffiti art out of him and I found it in the same area as the junkbots.

My brothers thought Johnny Bravo was the shit back in the day. They used to talk like him and walk around like him, it was pretty hilarious. Even more so of the fact that my one brother almost looked like JB, he was tall and good looking and he worked out, but he didn’t have the big blond hair.


Junkbots graffiti

junkbots electrical box

Remember my post the other day about graffiti art downtown? After I took the puppies to the dog park early Saturday morning, I found a whole row of graffiti art on my way home. And I found the Junkbot! He’s so cute!

waste not – downtown graffiti art


There was a time when graffiti artists were considered criminals, vandals, hoodlums with nothing better to do than to deface public, or private, property. Graffiti art has come a long way in the last 50 years, as is evidenced by the likes of Banksy, who has risen to international fame with his graffiti art throughout Europe.

Orlando is a far cry from Europe, but we have some of our own graffiti artists who have been making their mark around downtown, and the nation. Besides buildings and utility boxes, dumpster art (above) has been the latest thing to give downtown a facelift. My favorites are the Junkbots, and, of course, the queen on the side of Dexter’s downtown that is in my header.

Here’s a few others from downtown that I like:

Do you have any awesome graffiti where you live? I’d love to see it.

​Enjoy your artful day.