What you want to know

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I take an inordinate amount of smart phone photos and use some pretty cool editing apps to make them look even cooler. (modern technology is amazing.) I take photos of my family, I love gardening and I’m a big fan of yoga. If you’ve seen any of my Instagram photos, you’ll see those three loves of mine all rolled into one. Well, sometimes 4 loves as my dogs’ photo bomb my garden yoga photos frequently.

I like to capture the historic architecture here surrounded by the flora and fauna of Florida before it’s all demolished to make way for the “new and improved”. History is an amazing thing to me and I wonder how people lived and what they did in these old places back in the day. Whenever I travel back to Ohio I get photos of the old farmhouses.

I’m a big advocate for animal and earth welfare, and I’m a vegetarian. It’s better for my body.

Please, hang around, take a look, and enjoy. If you want to chat, you can reach me at:  yap.filmography {at} gmail {dot} com. You can follow along on twitter and instagram too.

so tell me your latest adventure

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